Blackburn mentoring is designed to accelerate results. Our main objective is the practical application of fundamental life skills. We focus on education, resume writing, career development, job searching, financial skill-building, physical fitness, healthy relationships and emotional well-being. We address issues such as relapse prevention, improving family dynamics and communication, motivational support and maintaining healthy balance, all with a focus on spiritual growth.

We provide a high level of day-to-day hands on support with accountability. We believe the key to long-term recovery is discipline through action. We take a relationship-centered approach, inspiring and enabling our clients to excel in all areas of their lives. Our mentors set short- and long-term benchmarks with a consistent focus on tracking progress.

We offer in-person meetings 1-5 times per week, along with daily text and phone communication for guidance and counsel. Blackburn mentors work in conjunction with a wide range of additional supports in the client’s system. Providing open lines of communication has proven to be the most effective way to support the growth process of each individual. We offer consistent updates on progress with a commitment to producing positive outcomes.

Blackburn is dedicated to the process of self-improvement, self-discipline, discovering one’s purpose and creating a comprehensive internal and external foundation that allows for real sustainability and happiness. Blackburn Mentoring will help you be exactly who you want to be, and if you don’t know yet, we’ll find out together.


For more information on Blackburn Mentoring, please call (310) 625-3772 or visit: 

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