A comprehensive approach to recovery includes addressing a person’s spiritual needs. Our clients come from diverse backgrounds and often have profound questions about spirituality.

At Blackburn, each client is seen as a unique individual and is allowed to discover the spiritual solution that works best for them. This allows each person - of all faith traditions or even none at all - to encounter a personal sense of their own spiritual life by engaging in a series of discussions that invigorate a new sense of possibility.

We provide access to private spiritual counseling that supports in the process of identifying any pain from the past related to religion or spirituality and allows them to experience a breakthrough that leaves them inspired to live by spiritual principles. Each individual participates in crafting a practice that makes sense to them, whether it is a renewed vitality for a familiar religious tradition or an exploration of an altogether new discipline. Our resident spiritual counselor takes the client through a series of helpful books, detailed explanation and education, exploration of various forms of prayer and meditation, and provides feedback and support as the client grows in their journey.

In a world filled with constant noise and distractions, and at times with so much suffering, Blackburn has created a safe space where the exploration of spiritually is possible. We believe that real healing, hope, peace, and happiness are available to everyone. We look forward to sharing this journey with you and witnessing your growth and transformation


For more information on Blackburn Spiritual Counseling, please call

(310) 625-3772 or contact: blitch@blackburnrecovery.com

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