Blackburn Recovery is one of the longest running sober living programs in West Los Angeles. We take an evidence-based approach in providing the highest quality of care. Our homes provide a safe and supportive environment where people in all stages of the recovery process can build a foundation around not only their physical sobriety but in all of the fundamental areas of their lives. Our program provides day-to-day structure and accountability, frequent random drug and alcohol monitoring, full time staff at all of our locations, weekly 12 Step meeting attendance requirements and weekly short term goal setting where each resident has support around creating a personal schedule. In addition to the structured support, our homes function as “clean breaks” from old, possibly triggering or unhealthy environments. Blackburn creates a safe space where residents can develop new habits and routines, build long-lasting healthy relationships, and start to become the best versions of themselves.

Working alongside outpatient programs, treatment professionals, families and other members of a client’s support system, we track daily progress and provide regular updates. Our thorough assessment process allows us to maintain a high level of integrity and creates an environment that is conducive to recovery. The average length of stay at Blackburn is 12-18 months. Our main focus is centered around what we believe to be the three main cornerstones of a strong recovery foundation: having a significant experience as the result of thorough 12 Step involvement, finding a purpose, and feeling inspired by the trajectory of one’s life. Additionally, being engaged in a supportive and trusting community, building deep, connected relationships that continue well past their time here at Blackburn is crucial to a person’s success.

We believe everyone who’s suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction should have the opportunity to do the necessary work so they can experience real freedom in their lives. Our approach is simple and proven to be effective. Recovery is about so much more than just getting physically sober. The most valuable thing Blackburn has to offer someone in need is our community. We meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. 


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